This is a public project to track issues of our Commune!-project.


The idea of Commune! is providing a possiblity to communicate with friends across the most platforms and plan events with them or offer events to all other users, for example offering a ride.

The target of Commune! is a free and secure platform, which does not collect personal data for analyses. The user will have full control, which personal informations are available. On the one hand side we want to help to make everyday life easier ( e.g. "Who wants to join me on lunch?" or "How about cinema this evening?" ), but we also want to improve planning events like school reunions or other partys.

We want you to be in control of everything that should be planned. If you drive to another town, you could offer a ride to other users and earn some money without cutting us in.

Currently this project is in development, but it is already possible to test Commune! on Android and Windows 10 (UWP) and help us finding some Bugs or give us some ideas to improve usability. We are happy about every feedback.


Have a look here, what is done and what we are planning..